current version is 0.9.1

SyncTab is a simple way to send your links between Android and Chrome

Seriously What Is a SyncTab?

SyncTab is a free Android application and Chrome browser plugin. With SyncTab Android application you can send your interesting website directly to Chrome. In a minute the link will be opened in Chrome and you can continue work with it! You also can send links from Chrome to Android device, from one Chrome browser to another, from one Android device and another.
  • Absolutely Free
  • Works on most of Android phones
  • Works with Google Chrome
  • You can get the entire list of shared links when you need
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Why to use a SyncTab?

Maybe, as most of us, you already do most of web surfing using your smartphone. It's so comfortable to open the mobile browser app and start surfing the web in a few seconds. No matter where you are, your phone is with you! You can easily read the latest news, find useful or fun websites and, simply, do whatever you want.

But smartphones and mobile browsers still have numerous drawbacks which limit you. And than the only you want is to have either larger display or ...

Or you may start using some of the many bookmarking services, but there is something wrong with it.

And here you came to idea, that what's you need is simple a tool to share you mobile browser tabs with desktop browser. Thus, you have no choice to lost or forget tabs anymore!

What's wrong with mobile web surfing?

Bad browsing
There are a lot of problems when you're browsing web from your phone:
  • website layout is broken and it's hard to read the content
  • you want to watch video, but your mobile browser doesn't support flash yet
  • you just want to continue browsing website from your laptop later
  • you don't have a time to read a story now, but want to do it tomorrow
  • you're limited to mobile platform constraints, like small display and keyboard, defective browsers etc.

What about bookmarks?

Bookmarks are a good way to make your
conscience silent
while you're forgetting all that interesting websites
There are so many tools that want to help you to remember your bookmarks. Bookmarks support is even built into your favourite web browser. But as soon as you get a critical mass of bookmarks, you suddenly stop using them.

SyncTab opens shared links as a new tab in your browser. Thus, you can be sure you'll have the interesting web page with you, till the moment you'll read or close it.

How to Get SyncTab?

You can download Android Application and Chrome Extension for free. You will need to install both Android Application to send links from your mobile and Chrome Extension to receive and open tabs in desktop browser.